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The Right Care, The Right Cost, The Right Tucson Dentist for You and Your Family

If you are looking for extraordinary care with a personal touch, look no further. At the Tucson dentist office of David Davenport, DDS and Deron Davenport, DDS, every patient is an esteemed guest. No matter which Dr. Davenport you see, you will receive amazing dental treatment from a visionary Tucscon dentist.

"I enjoy every visit to their office. Their staff is also top notch as they are hand picked by this extraordinary father-son team." 

                                                                - Brian C.

This father and son team has been serving their dental clients for decades and have established a sterling reputation for quality pediatric, family and cosmetic dentistry that provides outstanding results.

Dr. David Davenport started his practice with the goal of providing his clients with dental care that features a gentle manner of treatment, provides the latest in techniques and treatments and truly serves the interests of each and every one of his dental family.

As part of their ongoing dedication to excellence in dentistry, David and Deron Davenport seek extra training, that goes beyond basic care. They provide the kind of dental work that get rave reviews along with a gentle chairside manner that promotes trust and confidence.

Tucson Dental Work That Keeps You Coming Back

It is easy to feel comfortable in our welcoming, homey environment.  Our well-trained and friendly staff will provide you with as relaxing a visit as possible. Whether you want a smile makeover with porcelain veneers, to brighten teeth with teeth whitening, or restore a smile with dental implants, our dental team will be happy to help you reach your smile goals.  Do you experience dental anxiety? Ask us about soothing and effective sedation dentistry -

  or  download our FREE infographic on Sedation Dentistry

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