Porcelain Veneers TucsonThe difference between a self-conscious grin kept hidden and a confident smile you’re proud of may be summed up in only 3 words — Tucson porcelain veneers. Here at Davenport & Davenport Dental Practice, we’ve helped countless numbers of patients to smile uninhibitedly by utilizing our various high-tech, smile transforming solutions like that of porcelain veneers. What smile impediments can effectively be resolved by veneers?

1. Stained, damaged teeth—Teeth that are discolored, worn, broken or cracked can hamper smile-ability, and make an individual look considerably older than they actually are. Porcelain veneers can take years off the appearance of a smile, covering over discoloration, repairing the look of damaged teeth, and giving your grin a youthful swagger.

2. Crooked smiles—Uneven, irregularly shaped teeth can take away from what a smile should convey. So can teeth that are misaligned. Veneers can rectify the look of oddly shaped teeth, and even correct minor alignment issues, resulting in straight looking teeth and a healthy looking smile.

3. Spacing Issues—Visible spaces and gaps between front teeth can affect speech, as well as negatively impact the aesthetic beauty of a smile. Veneers can completely address this problem, resulting in evenly spaced teeth that boost confidence, and encourage genuine smiles.

Book an appointment today with Dr. Davenport, your go-to dentist for dramatically boosted Tucson smiles. With porcelain veneers and other highly effective cosmetic dentistry options made available, you’ll be looking for every occasion possible to share your confident, mesmerizing smile with others.