Tucson Porcelain CrownsFillings, veneers, braces–you may be familiar with these dental terms but what if your dentist in Tucson suggests porcelain crowns? Under what circumstances might Dr. Davenport recommend implementing a dental crown?

Tucson Porcelain Crowns

A crown is a dental restoration designed to protectively cap or encircle a tooth (or a new dental implant). A crown may be recommended when/if:

  • Following a root canal, the natural tooth requires fortification against future fractures.
  • Large fillings structurally weaken a tooth; crowns lend protective strength.
  • There is need to attractively restore a broken or fractured tooth.
  • Completing a dental implant, crowns provide a solid chewing surface.
  • Precision attachments are necessary to allow for removable partial dentures or bridges.
  • Badly stained or misshapen teeth require enhancement.
  • A patient is a chronic tooth grinder and extra dentition protection becomes advisable.

Facilitated by Dr. Davenport in Tucson, top quality porcelain crowns with the naturalness in shade and shape of a regular tooth can perfect your smile! Contact our office to learn more today.