Dentistry in TucsonStress is inevitable but that doesn’t mean gum disease is. Dr. Davenport, offering periodontal dentist services in Tucson, helps us to understand how stress affects our smile and what we can do to lessen the effects.

Periodontal disease is caused by a build-up of bacteria on the gums. When we are stressed our immune system is suppressed, which makes it difficult for our bodies to fight against the bacteria that causes gum infection and disease. In addition, stress triggers the release of the hormone called cortisol. Increased levels of cortisol promote a more destructive form of periodontal disease. As this affects the gums, it slyly moves its way to the jawbone and can lead to bone loss and tooth loss.

So what can we do to lessen stress out about our smile? As life gets busier, we may tend to neglect a proper brushing and flossing routine while eating more foods that are unhealthy for our teeth and gums. These bad habits can lead to an increase in plaque, which then leads to bacteria and disease. The solution? Try to maintain healthy oral care by regularly brushing, flossing and eating teeth-friendly foods. Regular exercise and enough rest are also healthy ways to reduce stress, which in turn takes you one step further away from gum disease.

Of course, don’t forget to schedule regular visits with Dr. Davenport, your dentist in Tucson with expertise in periodontal care, to check the health of your gums so that you can smile with one less thing to stress about.