Professional teeth whitening with your cosmetic dentist in TucsonA smile speaks volumes about an individual and creates an immediate, subconscious reaction in those upon whom it’s bestowed. Your top-notch cosmetic dentist in Tucson can help make sure your smile is saying to others what you want it to by means of a variety of modern cosmetic options.

When a survey taken by the American Academy of Cosmetic Dentistry (AACD) asked, “What would you most like to improve about your smile?” the most common response was to have whiter & brighter teeth. Here at Davenport & Davenport Dental Practice, teeth whitening provides a quick, economical option that dramatically improves the appearance of a smile. But not all whitening products are created equal. What factors should be considered before choosing just any whitening treatment?

1.Over-The-Counter Whitening Kits—Drugstore whitening products can damage mouth tissue if not applied properly, and can contain lower-grade, diluted whitening gel with minimal results in comparison to professional whitening.

2. Professional Whitening— The American Dental Association (ADA) recommends that if planning to have your teeth whitened or to use a bleaching product, consult with a dentist beforehand. Dr. Davenport will make sure the whitening process is performed correctly under his professional supervision, resulting in dramatic brightening in as little as one hour.

3. Dental Restorations—Veneers, crowns, tooth colored fillings and cosmetic bonding don’t respond to teeth whitening as natural teeth do. Talk to Dr. Davenport to ensure your teeth whitening provides the best results possible for your smile.

4. Oral Health—Teeth and gums must be in sound health prior to having teeth whitened. Dr. Davenport will first repair any teeth that are cracked, sensitive, or developing decay, as well as look for any signs of periodontal disease. This vital action prevents discomfort or complications that could otherwise be encountered by self-administered teeth whitening solutions.

Make sure your teeth whitening experience provides you with nothing less than a dazzling, healthy looking smile. See your elite cosmetic dentist in Tuscon to dramatically upgrade your smile today.