Thyroid Cancer and Dental X-Rays

Patient properly displaying the thyroid guard

Recently on the Dr. Oz show, he discussed thyroid cancer as one of the fastest growing cancers in women. He mentioned the use of the thyroid collar when taking dental xrays as a preventive measure.

Thyroid Cancer and Dental X-Rays

When taking x-rays at Davenport & Davenport, we always use lead aprons which are equipped with thyroid collars to cover and protect the thyroid.

In addition, we use only digital x-rays in our office. These digital x-rays can reduce one’s exposure from dental x-rays by as much as 90%. They also allow us to see the x-ray image immediately. We can enlarge the x-rays,  change the contrast , and adjust the shading to share with our patients any findings on the monitor.

We feel the thyroid guard, in addition to the digital x-rays  should be the standard of care for a dentist in Tucson.

For your safety, understanding your dental situation and treatment options are always of foremost importance.

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