Tucson Smile DesignNot all smiles are created equal, nor are the individualized characteristics or personal preferences of those possessing those grins. That’s why Dr. Davenport offers Tucson residents Smile Design as an option that focuses on the individual — their physical appearance, preferences and dental needs.

As a distinguished smile design artist, Dr. Davenport and his team take a comprehensive approach and examine your unique features before deciding how to proceed. Designing a smile that’s best fitted for you includes identifying and taking into account physical characteristics, including:

  • Shape of face
  • Color and shape of eyes
  • Skin tone
  • Size of mouth
  • Natural tooth structure
  • Your age
  • Condition of oral health

Depending on your unique situation, your Smile Design may involve one or more procedures including teeth whitening, porcelain veneers, bonding, porcelain crowns or dental implants. Dr. Davenport will discuss his recommendations to you, and then you can work together as a team, planning out the best course to take in crafting your unique, custom-made smile that leaves you with nothing but complete satisfaction.

Don’t become imprisoned by a smile that leaves you feeling self-conscious and embarrassed. Contact us at Davenport & Davenport Dental Practice to get the necessary professional assistance from your Tucson Smile Design experts, and enjoy the endless benefits that a unique, skillfully created smile will bring to you each and every day.