Dentists in TucsonIn our advanced society, we are privileged with options for safer, more aesthetic procedures. The same is true for dental care. Your dentist offers Tucson one of these innovations when it comes to non-metal fillings. Why choose non-metal?

Most of us choose composite fillings because it leads to more attractive smile. The shade is customized to closely match the color of the surrounding teeth, making it almost impossible to notice. Metal fillings are more conspicuous with their gray hue. Choosing composite goes far beyond vanity though!

Composite fillings also preserve the strength of the tooth as compared to metal fillings. This is because less of the tooth is removed when preparing for the filling, whereas more room and more removal of the tooth are needed to place a metal filling.

Overall health can also be affected by our filling choice. Composite fillings use non-toxic materials while metal fillings include a level of mercury, which, in large amounts, can affect the well-being of our body and mind.

Dr. Davenport offers you the best choice for beautiful, strong and healthy teeth with non-metal fillings. Schedule an appointment with your dentist in Tucson to check for cavities and have them cared for in the best way.